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show·er 1

1. A brief fall of precipitation, such as rain, hail, or sleet.
2. A fall of a group of objects, especially from the sky: a meteor shower; a shower of leaves.
3. An abundant flow; an outpouring: a shower of praise.
4. A party held to honor and present gifts to someone: a bridal shower.
a. A bath in which the water is sprayed on the bather in fine streams from a showerhead, usually secured overhead: take a shower.
b. The stall or tub in which such a bath is taken.
v. show·ered, show·er·ing, show·ers
a. To throw or cause to fall in a shower: showered confetti on the parade.
b. To throw or cause small things or pieces to fall over: showered the newlyweds with rice.
c. To fall over or be thrown or projected at: The confetti showered the street.
a. To give or bestow abundantly or liberally: showered confetti on the parade.
b. To give something in great abundance to: showered their children with affection.
1. To wash oneself in a shower.
a. To fall or pour down in a shower.
b. To arrive or be given in abundance: Good wishes showered over us.

[Middle English shour, from Old English scūr.]

show′er·y adj.

show·er 2

One that shows: a shower of thoroughbred horses.
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Adj.1.showery - (of weather) wet by periods of rain; "showery weather"; "rainy days"
wet - covered or soaked with a liquid such as water; "a wet bathing suit"; "wet sidewalks"; "wet weather"
مُمْطِر على شَكلِ زخاتٍ
skúra-; úrkomusamur
sağanak yağışlı


[ˈʃaʊərɪ] ADJ [weather] → lluvioso; [day] → lluvioso, de lluvia
it will be showery tomorrowmañana habrá chubascos or chaparrones


[ˈʃaʊəri] adj [weather] → pluvieux/euseshow flat n (British)appartement m témoin




[ˈʃaʊərɪ] adj (weather) → con piogge intermittenti


(ˈʃauə) noun
1. a short fall (of rain). I got caught in a shower on my way here.
2. anything resembling such a fall of rain. a shower of sparks; a shower of bullets.
3. a bath in which water is sprayed down on the bather from above. I'm just going to have/take a shower.
4. the equipment used for such a bath. We're having a shower fitted in the bathroom.
1. to pour down in large quantities (on). They showered confetti on the bride.
2. to bathe in a shower. He showered and dressed.
ˈshowery adjective
raining from time to time. showery weather.
ˈshowerproof adjective
(of material, a coat etc) which will not be soaked by a light shower of rain.
References in classic literature ?
Many long talks had been fruitless in external action, though fruitful for the understanding of the pair; but at last, one showery Tuesday, the Squire might have been observed upon his way to the cottage in the lane.
I tramped through the puddles and under the showery trees, mourning for Marguerite Gauthier as if she had died only yesterday, sighing with the spirit of 1840, which had sighed so much, and which had reached me only that night, across long years and several languages, through the person of an infirm old actress.
The high downs which invited them from almost every window of the cottage to seek the exquisite enjoyment of air on their summits, were a happy alternative when the dirt of the valleys beneath shut up their superior beauties; and towards one of these hills did Marianne and Margaret one memorable morning direct their steps, attracted by the partial sunshine of a showery sky, and unable longer to bear the confinement which the settled rain of the two preceding days had occasioned.
In the first place, I was so afraid it would rain this morning, just as I wanted to set off; it looked very showery, and that would have thrown me into agonies
One showery day in the autumn of last year, you young ladies went out with Miss Ladd for a walk.
The weather being still showery, we had arranged that Francis Clare should see her in that room, when he presented himself to take his leave.
All in that picture is in far perspective, receding, diminutive; but freshly coloured, green, dewy, with a spring sky, piled with glittering yet showery clouds; for my childhood was not all sunshine--it had its overcast, its cold, its stormy hours.
As Storm Aileen clears out eastwards into the North Sea, the UK will be left with cool, showery conditions by the end of the week and into the weekend, the forecasters said.
A Met Eireann forcaster said: "Rain will be spreading to remaining northern areas early today followed during the morning and early afternoon by brighter showery weather.
Skies will brighten following a band of showery rain, though rising temperatures will cause heavy showers to develop.
The conditions are expected to be accompanied by "heavy, thundery, showery rain", the Met Office said.
1953: Queen Elizabeth II (pictured) was crowned in Westminster Abbey on a dull, showery day.