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 (shō′ôf′, -ŏf′)
1. The act of showing off.
2. One who shows off.
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I'M getting tired of these Olympic showoffs who slow down as they cross the line.
We're sick and tired of self-centered showoffs cheapening the XXX theaters and drug-dealing neighborhood,'' one Times Square crack-addicted hooker said.
Showoffs will concentrate on trade show showrooms and booths for all product categories of home, from furniture and lighting to tabletop and gifts.
ShowOffs are available in four sizes, with sizes two and three available in a soft color palette and sizes four and five decorated in bright colors.
Instructions for sending in ShowOffs will be prominently featured on the channels during the blocks.
didn't bring a cape, dye his hair or even announce that he'd left the building, making him a strangely low-key performer in a field of showoffs.
We're confident this will be the most influential SoCal tech event ever seen and our Showoffs play a large part in its appeal and success," said Founder Mike Macadaan.
Showcasing the best of what's up-and-coming with our Showoffs is central to our mission.
Jackson, who recently starred in ``Unbreakable,'' does the unthinkable and returns as a host for something utterly unwatchable as a bunch of athletes are honored as the best showoffs.
Formerly just the private province of backcountry showoffs and thrill-a-minute videos, the sport got organized with the World Championships in Valdez, Alaska, in 1991, and has added events around the world since.
Between the music, the players dive and roll and thump the ball just like we used to between the baked beans and dessert, just two sweaty showoffs on a patch of, well, beach.