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Cue an almighty shrieky showdown in the street (left) culminating in Nikki being shoved into a pile of bin bags
Cameron with Leslie and Kate Although the script is a bit shrieky, there are some sparkling one-liners in the first hour and Mann puts everything into her leading performance following smaller roles in movies like The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up.
When the vocals get shrieky - which is now a real word, dang it - the shrieks are ear-piercing.
But for people with conditions that cause decreased sound tolerance, or DST, hearing the shrieky vocals, loud beats and repetitive choruses of modern pop music can evoke more than mere irritation; they can actually diminish quality of life.
Some of it is harsh and shrieky, but that is what the whales were up to.
It's Wall's all the way, not organic Sussex farmhouse ice cream in locally sourced wholewheat cones, but it's a shrieky, bustling kind of crowd that couldn't care less.