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Of or relating to a sheriff.

[From obsolete shrieve, variant of sheriff.]

shrie′val·ty n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) of or relating to a sheriff
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SHRIEVAL A High-pitched sound B Pertaining to a sheriff C Passerine bird who am I?
For Gary De Krey, the development of both parties and their ideologies was the result of a larger Restoration Crisis, which encompassed the Popish Plot, the Exclusion Crisis, the City of London's mayoral and shrieval elections of the early 1680s, and the conspiracies of 1683.
Along with numerous treatises, pamphlets, newspaper articles, and City records from the London shrieval election of 1682, North's papers include his personal accounts of his shrievalty.
North's Tory ideology is especially evident when examining the shrieval papers of North in conjunction with De Krey's innovative study of the place of party in the City.
High-scoring words included: kernite (a mineral) 100 points; coniines (poisonous alkaloid) 98; shrieval (relating to a sheriff) 97; exordial (beginning) 92.
He was appointed as a part-time Sheriff in 2009 and is a Shrieval Convenor of Mental Health Tribunals.
It is a masterful work in the growing literary genre of shrieval scholarship.
The County Farm: Ordinary revenue from shrieval (sheriffs') accounts is described by Barratt [2001, p.
As this system was initiated in 1204, it is likely that it stemmed from Hubert Walter's thinking as a means to tap into hitherto untaxed shrieval profits.
The continuity of parliamentary and civic activism against the crown in 1680-82 is stressed; indeed, De Krey argues, the London shrieval election of June-September 1682 is far more instrumental in exemplifying a national Tory reaction than the dissolution of the Oxford Parliament the previous year.
Home's tenure as sheriff of Berwick in 1599 was less noteworthy, and demonstrated his difficulty in balancing shrieval duties with his active court life at that time.
He said: "He was present in the property and his attention was drawn to a photograph of someone in shrieval garb.