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n. pl. shrimp or shrimps
a. Any of various small, chiefly marine, often edible decapod crustaceans that have a laterally compressed, elongated body with long antennae and long legs used for swimming. The shrimps include species belonging to the superfamily Penaeoidea of the suborder Dendrobranchiata and to the infraorder Caridea of the suborder Pleocyemata.
b. The flesh of one of these crustaceans, used as food.
2. Any of various similar crustaceans, such as a fairy shrimp.
3. Derogatory Slang A person who is small in stature.
intr.v. shrimped, shrimp·ing, shrimps
To fish for shrimp.

[Middle English shrimpe, possibly of Low German origin.]

shrimp′er n.
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Noun1.shrimper - a vessel engaged in shrimping
vessel, watercraft - a craft designed for water transportation
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However, it was the Shrimpers who threatened first, with Simon Cox having a low shot smothered by Walsall goalkeeper Liam Roberts before Freddie Ladapo headed Shayon Harrison's left-wing cross over the crossbar from 12 yards.
At the time fishermen and shrimpers petitioned officials to leave a 600-foot portion of the old creosoted bridge for their use and it became known as "the longest free fishing pier in the world.
The Shrimpers blew the chance to seal a top-three spot after sinking to defeat, which allowed Bury to claim promotion glory.
Timlin's 25-yard shot somehow evaded Luton goalkeeper Elliot Justham with just nine minutes to go, and the Shrimpers, who have kept eight clean sheets in a row, will be up if they beat Morecambe next weekend.
But Sharps offered the Shrimpers a way back into the game when he collected two yellow cards in as many minutes.
The 28-year-old, who made 35 appearances for the Shrimpers in League Two last season, was handed a custodial sentence after being found guilty of perverting the course of justice in Basildon Crown Court, having supplied false details to avoid a speeding fine.
Bilel Mohsni claimed he was fouled by Murphy in the build up to the goal and the enigmatic midfielder almost reduced the arrears shortly afterwards, but the Shrimpers were to be bridesmaids in this competition once more as in the 2004 and 2005 finals.
If caught, the illegal shrimpers and fishermen are charged and taken to court where the severity of the offence is decided by the court.
A few minutes later, Shrimpers striker Freddy Eastwood had a goal disallowed for offside, before Crewe's Byron Moore blasted a great chance over following a poor kick from Blues keeper Belford.
Oregon's shrimp season opens Sunday - and the whole fleet will be equipped with nets that will spare a small, threatened fish from becoming an unintended bycatch of shrimpers.
Commercial shrimpers, on the other hand, have a different story to tell.
Unfortunately for Jim, Morecambe's 6-0 defeat in the first leg meant the second leg was a formality - even though the Shrimpers managed to win 2-1.