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v. shrove (shrōv) or shrived, shriv·en (shrĭv′ən) or shrived, shriv·ing, shrives
1. To hear the confession of and give absolution to (a penitent).
2. To obtain absolution for (oneself) by confessing and doing penance.
v.intr. Archaic
1. To make or go to confession.
2. To hear confessions.

[Middle English schriven, from Old English scrīfan, from Latin scrībere, to write; see skrībh- in Indo-European roots.]

shriv′er n.
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In the project, Shriver shares a moment she regards as a turning point in how she has accepted her father's diagnosis.
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Journalist/novelist Shriver has crafted an unforgettable literary thriller inspired by the Thurston and Columbine High School massacres as well as other murders committed by affluent American children.
The first and only time Lisa Shriver performed in a musical, it was a high-school production of Anything Goes in Colorado Springs.
I went to work for a political appointee, Sargent Shriver, who turned out to be a great leader of the Peace Corps.
I have just read a new book by Dr Donald Shriver, who sheds light on some of these moral conundrums.
Mechanic, Fried, Frank, Shriver & Jacobson, Tobin Cobb, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
This year's Orange Prize for Fiction has been awarded to US author Lionel Shriver.
For instance, Mark Shriver of Pennsylvania State University in State College says that Risch's method "can overcluster people," making associations between individuals and their race that don't exist with other types of analyses.
announces Shriver Art as the exclusive international distributor and publisher of the contemporary Pop artist Romero Britto, who is well known for his representing life with vibrant colors and hard-edged compositions.