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If he does know anything, it's some dirty sht and it's something that nobody wants to use or hear about.
Custodian of Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah stands out as a role model for the entire Muslim nation, said Palestine Consul General Emad Sht on an occasion marking the king's nine-year anniversary in power.
According to our pretrial results showed that cows fed with 30 g (n = 3) or 50 g (n = 3) of SHT powder for five days no positive effects in uterine involution of postpartum cows.
This volume continues to exemplify the high standard of philological quality which has characterized SHT since the publication of the first volume in 1965 by Ernst Waldschmidt, Walter Claviter, and Lore Holtzmann, including the previous volumes edited by Klaus Wille.
La IAP es una manera, aunque no la unica (Hemment, 2007), de mejorar la SHT en las pequenas empresas; hay otros metodos participativos orientados a la accion (Hasle y Limborg, 2005), que para incrementar la efectividad involucran un diseno de cursos cortos en el que un tecnico orienta y coordina al grupo de trabajadores (Kogi, 2006).
This section presents implementation details of the SDHT and SHT algorithms.
we can assess whether the predictions of the SHT are reflected in the archaeological record.
Or so, I'm told, goes the thinking of SHT management.
Both the overbased calcium lactate/stearoyl 2-lactylate and a phenolic antioxidant (Ciba-Geig's Irganox 1076 promoted the least change; while formulations with calcium stearate, zinc oxide, SHT, zinc stearate and a phosphite antioxidant suffered the biggest losses in flowability.
BEIJING -- At the 20th ISHRS in Bahamas, Lotus' patented hair transplant technology FUE + SHT, the only Chinese technology on show, gained an astonishing amount of attention and was highly praised by experts from different countries for its extraordinary effect.
Tenders are invited for Fibre sht vulcanised red size 3.
This text is presented in the first part of his edition, entitled "Transcription of the Base Manuscript SHT 399" (pp.