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a. A husk, pod, or shell of a seed, nut, or fruit, such as a pecan or an ear of corn.
b. A shell of a bivalve, such as an oyster or clam.
c. The exoskeleton or pupal case of an insect larva or nymph, especially one that has been shed.
2. often shucks Informal Something worthless: an issue that didn't amount to shucks.
tr.v. shucked, shuck·ing, shucks
a. To remove the husk or shell from: shuck corn.
b. To open the shell of (a bivalve): shuck oysters.
2. Informal To cast off: shucked their coats and cooled off; a city trying to shuck a sooty image.
interj. shucks (shŭks)
Used to express mild disappointment, disgust, or annoyance.

[Origin unknown. Interj., alteration of shit.]

shuck′er n.
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It has its very own Oyster Shucker, dessert mezzes, a grape cellar, two large sharing tables and new additions.
Chefs Lynn Crawford and Lora Kirk, with other special guests including Patrick McMurray, restaurateur and Guinness world-record-holding oyster shucker, will be available for photographs and interviews on the red carpet at the beginning of the event.
Listen to fishing tales from the oyster shucker while awaiting your fresh dozen on the half-shell, then enjoy dining in this tiny, casual restaurant and raw bar.
Also ever-popular is the Kumamoto, a variation of the Japanese Gigas known for its deep cup and subsequent ability to prevent the most ham-handed shucker from spilling the precious bay water locked inside.
You can buy an oyster shucker from any supermarket - Ask your fishmonger ket - Ask your fishmonger to show you how to open one - it's pretty easy once you know how.
When they miss the last boat home, a return to the musical maelstrom finds them encountering bickering bums, a motor-mouthed oyster shucker, singing strippers, an ancient bluesman, exuberant drag queens and even a derelict, grounded ferryboat.
Champion shucker Nick Wood prepares oysters at the British Fish Craft Competition as part of the recent Cardiff Harbour Festival
Throw in quarterback Trey Shucker, whom coach Michael Banning feels could do special things this season, and the offense should be potent despite losing a quarterback who threw for 35 touchdowns in 2008 and two receivers who caught 10 touchdowns last year.
A You're looking for an oyster shucker, which is like a knife with a short, thick, stubby blade for prising the shellfish open.
Vasquez's first job in food service was when he was 15 years old, working as the clam shucker and pot and pan scrubber at Clark's in Boston, where he also cooked his first commercial meal.
At the other end, Chris Shucker found acres of room down the Robins right wing on the hour but saw his left-foot shot beaten out by Higgs.