shy person

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Noun1.shy person - someone who shrinks from familiarity with othersshy person - someone who shrinks from familiarity with others
coward - a person who shows fear or timidity
wallflower - remains on sidelines at social event
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shy person, I myself and side when I on, that's personality alive.
I'm a shy person but I express my creative side when I put on my skis.
The situation is worse when a shy person faces a gargantuan panel of over 20 people.
Being a rather shy person, he is not ready to see the doctor.
Normally I'm a timid, shy person and I suffer a bit with depression.
I'm a very shy person and find interacting with people hard.
Nobody thinks that a reticent, shy person could be a songwriter or a drummer.
We did not use pitch corrector on his voice as he was singing in the right sur (tone) and (despite being) the shy person that he is, he got extremely comfortable the moment I kind of increased the masti (fun) quotient while we were shooting the video.
And as is usually the case with performers, without the make-up and clothes Thanasis is a shy person, but get him all dressed-up as A Man To Pet, he becomes a force to be reckoned with.
She was a shy person before - she do not know how to talk in front of people - but with the personality development trainings provided by the DSWD for Parent Leaders she gained confidence in speaking to people.
Some come out of their shell so much it's hard to recognise they are the same shy person who walked through our doors just a few months previously.
All of us think about Lee every day, he was such a quiet and shy person who would never harm anyone," Jackie said.