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Inflammation of a salivary gland.

[Greek sialon, saliva + adenitis.]
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Noun1.sialadenitis - inflammation of the salivary glands
inflammation, redness, rubor - a response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat


, sialoadenitis
n. sialoadenitis, infl. de una glándula salival.
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In fact, intraductal instillation of penicillin or saline has been reported to be a successful technique for treating chronic sialadenitis.
Bilateral or unilateral simultaneous swelling of lacrimal, parotid and salivary glands (previously known as Miculicz disease) and chronic sclerosing sialadenitis (known as Kuttner tumor in the past) were previously known as subtypes of SS.
The spectrum of IgG4-RD is still being investigated but can involve many organ systems such as autoimmune pancreatitis, IgG4-related sclerosing cholangitis, IgG4-related retroperitoneal fibrosis, IgG4-related sialadenitis, or IgG4-related orbital inflammatory pseudotumor.
Concurrent sialocoele and necrotising sialadenitis in a dog.
1-3) Currently, reported sites of involvement and disease associations are diverse and include central nervous system (pituitary gland, pachymeningitis), lacrimal gland (Mikulicz disease), ocular adnexa, sclerosing sialadenitis (Kuttner tumor), thyroid gland, pulmonary lesions, breast tissue, liver, idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis, type 1 autoimmune pancreatitis, inflammatory aortic aneurysm, kidney, skin, and lymph node.
Morphological studies revealed that the minor salivary glands of RA patients were highly infiltrated with lymphocytes and that the alterations also included fibrosis, acinar atrophy and lymphoplasma cell sialadenitis (14,15).
1) Sarcoidosis 6 0 Systemic mast cell disease 1 0 Toxoplasmosis 1 0 Lymph nodes with metastatic tumors 27 0 Carcinoma 25 0 Melanoma 2 0 Other inflammatory tissues 7 0 Chronic sialadenitis 1 0 Follicular bronchiolitis 1 0 Hemophagocytic syndrome, spleen 1 0 Helicobacter pylori-associated gastritis 1 0 Hemochromatosis, liver 1 0 Hyperplasia and chronic perifolliculitis, skin 1 0 Interstitial pneumonitis 1 0 Other neoplastic tissues 13 0 Mixed mullerian tumor 1 0 Neurofibroma 1 0 Sarcoma 4 0 Schwannoma 2 0 Thymoma 5 0 * MCPyV, Merkel cell polyomavirus.
Sialography revealed dots or blobs of contrast media distributed throughout the gland, an appearance known as 'sialectasis' caused by the inflammation of glandular tissue producing dilation of terminal duct and sac-like acini with normal main duct suggestive of sialadenitis (Figs.
19) In 1992, Haddad and collegues demonstrated lymphocytic sialadenitis in 57% of patients with HCV compared with less than 5% in controls.
Salivary gland dysfunction is a relatively common problem, which results in the symptoms of a dry, or scalded mouth, difficulties with speech, problems with eating, mucosal infections, denture intolerance, sialadenitis, increased dental caries and periodontal disease (1).
2) Conditions affecting systems outside the liver include cutaneous manifestations (sporadic porphyria cutanea tarda and lichen planus), ocular lesions (Mooren's ulcers), sialadenitis, and B-cell lymphoma.