sic passim

sic pas·sim

 (sĭk păs′ĭm)
Thus everywhere. Used to indicate that a term or an idea is to be found throughout a text.

[Latin sīc passim : sīc, thus; see sic1 + passim, everywhere; see passim.]

sic passim

(ˈsɪk ˈpæsɪm)
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a phrase used in printed works to indicate that a word, spelling, etc, occurs in the same form throughout
[literally: thus everywhere]

sic pas•sim

(sik ˈpɑs sɪm; Eng. sɪk ˈpæs ɪm)

adv. Latin.
so throughout: used esp. as a footnote to indicate that a word, phrase, or idea recurs throughout the book being cited.