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n. Slang
A deranged, psychotic, or morbidly obsessed person.




(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) informal a day of sick leave from work, whether for genuine sickness or not
[C20: from sick1 + -ie]


(ˈsɪk i)

n. Slang.
one who is deranged or perverted.


[ˈsɪki] narrêt m maladie
to take a sickie → prendre un arrêt maladie, se faire porter malade


n (Brit, Austral inf) → Krankentag m; to take a sickieeinen Tag krankfeiern (inf)
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In fact, new research by BREATHEHR shows that PS357 is the average cost paid by an employer for each worker who pulls a sickie.
Researcher Emmanuel Tsekleves, of Lancaster University, says "Next time you're pulling a sickie, you might need the data to back up your story.
SCOTS are among the most likely to throw a sickie at work - and they're top of the list when it comes to being off work because of a hangover.
SICKIES 'COST BUSINESS-|ES PS9BN A YEAR' Hangovers are the most common reasons why people pull a "sickie", according to research by PWC.
Oliver Bolton of Alibi said: "The holiday season sickie is a growing trend.
In an interview for an Essex Police Federation article, Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh said some officers were "abusing the sickness management process", adding: "Every time they throw a sickie they are letting their mates down, they are letting their community down.
London, Feb 7 ( ANI ): When it comes to pulling off a sickie, women are far more convincing than men, a survey has revealed.
Summary: If there are fewer people in your workplace today, then it is probably down to National Sickie Day.
Sovereign Health Care polled 1,360 people and found more than half (56%) of the female participants admitted to pulling a sickie when not really ill, compared with just a third of men.
But, the poll said a World Cup sickie was not an option for 81 per cent of the people surveyed.
SNIFFLING: If you take a sickie day remember those waiting in the dole queue
WORKPLACES throughout the Midlands were today facing 'National Sickie Day' as many disillusioned employees ring in sick, it is claimed.