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1. Somewhat sick.
2. Somewhat nauseated.
3. Somewhat revolting or nauseating.

sick′ish·ly adv.


in a sickish manner
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still you can 'feel' what's below the bottom of the tide, knowing more than's good for you: seabed rock wetted perpetually with spectral colours, quotations lifted from life into a stony text, epigraphies remembering shot-silk offals, trapped green weed, petrifying mauves, muddy cysts, mucus, your own interior furnishings, glands, genitalia of the slit reef spilling seawards: walls all scabby pink, sprayed-on starfish, gluey limpets, linings of the gut which swallowing a wave throws up an ocean, it smells of your nature, sickishly.