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Sickle cell anemia or sickle cell trait.


(Pathology) sickle-cell anaemia

sick′le cell` ane′mia

a chronic hereditary blood disease, primarily affecting indigenous Africans and their descendants, in which an accumulation of oxygen-deficient sickle cells results in anemia, blood clotting, and joint pain.
Also called sicklemia.
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Hodgkin's disease with terminal eosinophelia occurring in a negro child with sicklemia.
Angel's findings that sicklemia, thalassemia and favism (the G6PD deficiency) may protect a population to some extent against malaria, and their presence may be an indicator of the endemicity of malaria; but he does not find that the incidence of cases of porotic hyperostosis in skeletal remains is significant enough statistically to justify Angel's conclusion that malaria was virtually absent from the eastern Mediterranean region in the classical period (p.