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n. pl. sick·os Slang
An emotionally disturbed person, especially one who displays morally repugnant behavior or attitudes.

[From sick.]


n, pl sickos
(Psychiatry) a person who is mentally disturbed or perverted
perverted or in bad taste: sicko prurience.
[C20: from sick1 (sense 5) + -o]


(ˈsɪk i)

n. Slang.
one who is deranged or perverted.


(esp US inf)
nKranke(r) mf, → Irre(r) mf (pej)
adj person, groupkrank, irr (pej)
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It is clear that the sickos (basically every grownup left on earth) are receiving direction from a leader and the threat they pose is becoming all too real.
Carol Vale With these sickos, today a bird/animal, tomorrow another victim they can control Muriel Haughie If they did this to a wild bird, think what they would do to any other living thing which is unfortunate enough to end up their evil clutches.
But friend of the sickos and fellow troll James McHugh - exposed last month for posting a doctored image of him on a night out with someone wearing a Madeleine McCann mask - is one of two people who "liked" Calum's image.
Amy Shorty Nicholls Karma will get you, you sickos.
London, March 3 ( ANI ): Lady Gaga has revealed her horror at receiving violent threats from sickos every day.
It's thought sickos use them to spy on unsuspecting college-goers or even to expose themselves.
And what of the sickos who find this amusing and/or acceptable?
How do they deal with it when these sickos just pick a number at random and terrify people?
Speaking of visual entertainment, couple of DVDs for you sickos out there featuring the Mentors (El Duce Vita) and Wendy O Williams and the Plasmatics.
There are always a few sickos about but they are not Portsmouth supporters.
The sickos who taunted him about the Dunblane massacre need their heads examined.
Some of the sickos who download child internet porn are Irish - 120 homes were searched during 2002 as part of Operation Amethyst and the DPP brought prosecutions against 48 people.