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An organized job action in which employees absent themselves from work on the pretext of illness.



an organized absence from work by employees on the pretext of sickness.
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Before stepping down in 2002, Kendall presided over some of the region's highest-profile cases, including the corruption and bribery trial of former Dallas City Council member Al Lipscomb and the 1999 American Airlines pilot sickout.
The pilotsO sickout is a result of the government of IndiaOs decision to merge IndiaOs two public sector airlinesNIndian, which ran domestic and regional routes, and Air India, which operated medium- and long-haul international flights.
All the contracting officer and COL Caring knew was that the sickout situation resolved itself soon after the payment problem was addressed.
The agency is also facing labor problems, with an intransigent drivers union that recently staged what amounted to a sickout and has just rejected management's "last and best" contract offer.
Spain s development minister, Jose Blanco, went as far as to accuse of the union of air-traffic controllers of staging a sickout to pressure the government to negotiate a new collective-bargaining agreement with AENA.
Jet Airways sought court relief yesterday from a continued sickout by nearly half its pilot workforce that has caused about half its flight schedule to be canceled since Monday night.
Another New York Catholic school teacher union, the Federation of Catholic Teachers, staged a sickout April 3 at 10 schools and accused the archdiocese of unfair labor practices.
The Santa Clarita office of the county's Building and Safety Division was one of six offices affected by the work stoppage, which took the form of a sickout.
According to The Associated Press, the union had not notified the airline's management in advance of the sickout and it is currently unknown when normal operations will resume.
Noel noted that call volume to Travel Guard Assist has increased over 150 percent due to a number of travel events over the holiday weekend, such as travel problems spawned by a pre-Christmas snowstorm, Comair's computer system going down and the baggage employee sickout in Philadelphia.
Following a tentative agreement on a new employment contract, Pace bus operators at the agency's South Division in Markham- members of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1028- committed an unfair labor practice in calling a sickout, potentially affecting thousands of commuters.
A federal judge earlier this month issued a temporary restraining order that restrained Local 22 from any work stoppage, slowdown, sickout or other such action.