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 (sĭd′ər, -o͝or′)
n. pl. sid·du·rim (sĭ-do͝or′ĭm, sĭ′do͝o-rĭm′)
A Jewish prayer book for everyday use.

[Mishnaic Hebrew siddûr, arrangement, from siddēr, to arrange, derived stem of sādar; see sdr in Semitic roots.]


(siːˈduːr; English ˈsɪdʊə)
n, pl -durim (-duːˈriːm) , -durs
(Judaism) Judaism the Jewish prayer book
[literally: order]


(ˈsɪd ər, sɪˈdʊər; Heb. siˈdur)

n., pl. sid•du•rim (sɪˈdʊər ɪm; Heb. si duˈrim) sid•durs.
a Jewish prayer book designed for use chiefly on days other than festivals and holy days. Compare mahzor.
[< Hebrew siddūr literally, arrangement]


A prayer book used in the synagogue and for the chanting of prayers.
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Regarding the "inspiring [morning] service--uniformed Boy Scouts, in their taleisim (prayer shawls), and reading from their siddurim (prayer books)," he notes "even non-Jewish troops and their leaders were awed by the sight.
Baer notes from two (unidentified) manuscript siddurim a custom of saying this latter verse prior to our present Ashrei.
But before he did any of those things he was writing poems, psalms, and prayers that were anthologized in the Jewish siddurim of several different denominations.
A pristine David Bomberg Babylonian Talmuda cornerstone of the Valmadonna Trust Library, a private collection consisting now of more than 11,000 "early Hebrew books, manuscripts, and broadsidesan exhaustive array of Mishnaot, siddurim, Haggadot, alef-bet tables, and ephemera that includes rare items printed on blue paper, vellum, and silk"sold for more than $9 million dollars at a Sotheby's auction in New York on Tuesday.
I don't remember seeing a disaster scene as shocking as this, (the victims) were wrapped in talit (prayer shawls) and tefilin (phylacteries)," he said, describing "puddles, rivers of blood throughout the entire synagogue, siddurim (prayer books) thrown all over the floor - a sight that we only recognize from the Holocaust, from the period of the Holocaust.
However, in British countries the patriotism was genuine, though in some historic synagogues the gold-leaf Royal Prayer inscribed on the walls has not been updated since Queen Victoria's time, and scattered around are siddurim from many lands which pray for Kaisers, Czars, Czarinas, princes, potentates and presidents.
Ultimately, if public worship is to foster social activism, it will have to move beyond the important calls for such behavior that Kaplan included in his siddurim.
As a result, by the twenty-first century the Havineinu has fallen into disuse, and the standard siddurim (prayer books) in North and South America and Europe often do not have its text.
Within the front matter, an artist's rendering of an old Jewish man bent over a holy scroll makes the book indistinguishable from many siddurim, prayer books, of the same era.
He was extremely instrumental in introducing us to mainstream Judaism, he declared that we were Jews, and helped us acquire siddurim (prayer books).
We found half-burnt siddurim [prayer books], and the S.