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Noun1.side chapel - a small chapel off the side aisle of a churchside chapel - a small chapel off the side aisle of a church
chapel - a place of worship that has its own altar
church building, church - a place for public (especially Christian) worship; "the church was empty"
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A large circular dish placed on the floor of a side chapel contained red wine and was left to evaporate over time.
Contract notice: Repair and restoration oboltEirE[degrees], sacristy and side chapel of the basilica of the assumption and st.
Arrangements by Burns's River side Chapel Florence Funeral Home.
Much of the original church is now gone and what remains was once part of the 15th Century side chapel.
We will have access to a small side chapel for private prayer and our staff will be able to accompany people there.
For nearly 40 years the door to the side chapel containing the mural remained mainly shut and the imposing image was rarely seen.
The chancel, side chapel, stained glass, panelling and pews were all added over the following centuries.
she is in a side chapel at our country's patronal church, the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.
William faces a nailbiting 45-minute wait until his bride's arrival, part of which he will spend in private with Harry in the tiny side Chapel of St Edmund.
So he and Harry will be shut away in the tiny side chapel of St Edmund and released only a few seconds before Kate makes her 11am entrance.
Restoration: The sanctuary and side chapel at St Joseph and Ethelreda.
The generous scale of the church contrasts with the more intimate confines of a smaller side chapel and baptistery.