side step

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side′ step`

a step to one side, as in dancing or boxing.



v. -stepped, -step•ping. v.i.
1. to step to one side.
2. to evade or avoid a decision or problem.
3. to dodge by stepping aside.
4. to evade or avoid (a decision or problem).
[1900–05, Amer.]
side′step`per, n.
References in classic literature ?
By a quick side step, Tarzan eluded the first swinging clutch of the lion's paws.
Tenders are invited for Restoration To Mahanadi Left With River Side Step Near Village Anantapur For The Year 2018-19.
I am flying an approach with side-step minimums and cleared for the approach to side step to the other runway.
I know I cannot beat this so I'm going to take dancing lessons so I can side step the offending bowel movement material.
Asteroid impact will destroy world as we know it this year' say conspiracy theorists Another ploy the English rugby team to try and put our boys off the World Cup Lee J Wesley I guess the conspiracists don't talk to the scientists very much Trevor Boggis If an asteroid is heading to earth it best have a good side step to get past Halfpenny Darren Nash Probably just confusing it with the impact George North is going to have Daniel Rhys Roberts Will I get a refund on my tickets?
The basic parameter is the radial step which defines the basic side step of the tool path.
IT'S NOT often I agree with the Daily Telegraph, but I do recall their football correspondent praising Ryan Giggs' great goal against Arsenal in 1999, and ascribing his swerve and side step to his rugby league origins.
SIT WITH ME Stand by my side Step out of the shadows Take my hand and move forward Walk with me towards the light Believe in yourself Remember who you are Celebrate your qualities Recognise your achievements I see all that is good about you Sit with me Share my vision Know how I feel about you Listen to the reasons you are loved All day and every day Today and tomorrow This year and next I see your beauty I marvel at your personality I respect your strength Sit with me See these things as I do Then you will know just why I love you unconditionally.
If you're looking for all things Yvonne Rainer, the sixth international Side Step Festival in Helsinki, Finland, is your ticket.
But Latics boss Paul Jewell will demand his side step up a gear before facing Chelsea on August 14 after squandering a hatful of chances against League Two opposition.
LX Sport Package models have unique and exclusive black interior cloth or leather, leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, side step bars, spoiler and the new 17-inch wheels and tires.
Tenders are invited for Alluminium Folding Stool Ladder With Front Side Step 63.