side table

side′ ta`ble

a table intended to be placed against a wall.
References in classic literature ?
Sabin nodded towards a great vase of La France roses upon a side table.
The young man looked at him for several moments, and then made his way to the side table where the sandwiches were.
Pickwick sat down at a side table, and hastily indited a note to Mr.
Now, I found that one of them was lying on the floor, one was on the side table near the window, and the third was where I had left it.
I entered, and I took you into my confidence as to the suggestions of the side table.
Dr Hood replaced the silk hat carefully on the side table, and went across to the captive.
Mrs Lammle had taken up her parasol from a side table, and stood sketching with it on the pattern of the damask cloth, as she had sketched on the pattern of Mr Twemlow's papered wall.
The former paused for a moment to look at Thomson's photograph, which stood upon one of the side tables.
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Marble and wood side table, large PS48, small, PS32, Lisa Angel Marble pestle and mortar, PS12, Dunelm Bring some opulence to the boudoir with marble metallic scatter cushions.