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1. A wall that forms the side of something.
2. A side surface of an automobile tire, between the edge of the tread and the wheel rim.


(Automotive Engineering) either of the sides of a pneumatic tyre between the tread and the rim



1. the part of a pneumatic tire between the edge of the tread and the rim of the wheel.
2. a wall that serves as the side of a structure.
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Noun1.sidewall - the side of an automobile tire; "the car had white sidewalls"
side - an extended outer surface of an object; "he turned the box over to examine the bottom side"; "they painted all four sides of the house"
2.sidewall - a wall that forms the side of a structure
wall - an architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure; "the south wall had a small window"; "the walls were covered with pictures"
References in classic literature ?
Long sounding lines were sunk in the side walls, but after fifteen yards they were again stopped by the thick wall.
A glass, in a carved wooden frame, was fixed against one of the side walls.
It was some thirty or forty feet overhead, and constructed much as the side walls.
A loophole window was pierced in each of its side walls.
The cows and oxen stood in two rows, with their tails towards the side walls, and their heads in the middle of the shed.
With an effort I started toward the opening of the cave only to reel drunkenly against a side wall, and from there slip prone upon the floor.
To one of these chambers my guard escorted me, and before leaving they chained me to a side wall.
As the young man walked toward it the upper windows drew a black arcade along the side wall of the building, but from the lower openings, on the side where the ground sloped steeply down to the Corbury road, the light shot its long bars, illuminating many fresh furrows in the track leading to the basement door, and showing, under an adjoining shed, a line of sleighs with heavily blanketed horses.
As he crossed the floor of the canyon he saw something lying close to the base of the side wall he was approaching-something that stood out in startling contrast to all the surroundings and yet seemed so much a part and parcel of the somber scene as to suggest an actor amid the settings of a well-appointed stage, and, as though to carry out the allegory, the pitiless rays of flaming Kudu topped the eastern cliff, picking out the thing lying at the foot of the western wall like a giant spotlight.
It was necessary to feel every foot of the way back with my hand against the side wall, that I might not pass the spot where the five roads radiated.
We entered a flower-garden by a gate in a side wall, of which he had the key, and the first thing I saw was that the beds and flowers were all laid out according to the manner of my beds and flowers at home.
The corner beyond, and most of the side wall, is occupied by a grand piano, with the keyboard at the end furthest from the door, and a bench for the player extending the full length of the keyboard.