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or side-out  (sīd′out′)
In volleyball and similar games, a situation in which a team gains the right to serve by winning a volley.
Being a system of scoring in which points can only be scored by the team that is serving and the receiving team can gain the right to serve by winning a volley.
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The two most important offense statistics are side-out percentage and hitting efficiency.
From the match scoresheet, you can learn about your team's side-out percentages.
I want to know the side-out percentage breakdown for each of the six rotations as well as the sum of all rotations.
This statistic clearly identifies the strongest and weakest side-out rotations.
Another excellent statistical tool is the side-out chart.
My college coach at UCLA, Al Scates, is a master of maximizing team performance during practice and matches through study of the side-out chart.
A pair of double hits brought the Centurions back to 10-9, but after the teams traded three side-outs, a lift call on Saugus started a run of four consecutive points to put Valencia up 14-9.
He was able to deliver on demand and produce side-outs at crucial times in the match.
Actually, the main purpose of the change is to complicate the receiving team's attack off the serve-reception where most side-outs used to occur.