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adj. Sports
Thrown with or marked by a sideways motion of the arm between shoulder and hip height and relatively parallel to the ground: a sidearm baseball pitch.

side′arm′ adv.

side′ arm`

a weapon, as a pistol or sword, carried at the side or in the belt.



1. with a swinging motion of the arm moving to the side of the body at or below shoulder level and nearly parallel to the ground: to pitch sidearm.
2. thrown or performed sidearm.
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Adj.1.sidearm - (of pitches) made with the arm moving parallel to the ground; "a sidearm pitch"
Adv.1.sidearm - in a sidearm manner; "he prefers to throw sidearm"


[ˈsaɪdɑːrm] narme f de poing
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I practice strict safety protocols, and I think my platoon sergeant would turn over in his grave if I told him I had to press-check my sidearm to see if I had a round in the pipe.
Our issued sidearm was the Model 15 Smith & Wesson .
Axon announced the first law enforcement agencies who have partnered with Axon to roll out the Signal Sidearm technology to their police forces.
It was with this sidearm I attended one of Ray Chapman's clinics.
Federation members are being asked whether they would be willing to carry a sidearm or carry a Taser to keep both themselves and the public safer.
The device, Signal Sidearm from Taser division Axon, is attached on most standard gun holsters usually on the rail under a barrel.
Then came the 1950s, when Jim Jacobs, Oscar Obert and others popularized the sidearm stroke.
A policeman who had his service sidearm stolen from his car Tuesday as he attended a funeral in Nicosia district was suspended from duty immediately afterwards, following orders from Chief of Police, Zacharias Chrisostomou.
For many years my sidearm of choice was my Super Blackhawk with a 7-1/2-inch barrel.
The weapons included a sidearm issued by the Imperial Russian Army.
The pistol wrap hung perfectly from the handlebars and serves as a sidearm holster or a secure place for binoculars.
The reappearance of the victim's sidearm is enough evidence to reopen the case.