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Chronic inflammation of the lungs caused by excessive inhalation of dust containing iron salts or particles.


1. (Pathology) a lung disease caused by breathing in fine particles of iron or other metallic dust
2. (Pathology) an excessive amount of iron in the blood or tissues
siderotic adj


(ˌsɪd əˈroʊ sɪs)

a disease of the lungs caused by inhaling iron or other metallic particles.
[1875–80; < Greek sídēr(os) iron + -osis]
sid`er•ot′ic (-ˈrɒt ɪk) adj.


1. a disease caused by the inhalation of iron particles.
2. an abnormal amount of iron deposits in the body.
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Noun1.siderosis - fibrosis of the lung caused by iron dust; occurs among welders and other metal workers
pneumoconiosis, pneumonoconiosis - chronic respiratory disease caused by inhaling metallic or mineral particles
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Confirmation of Neurological or Ophthalmological Diseases, including: inherited retinal degeneration, ocular hypertension/glaucoma, ocular siderosis, retinal detachment, inflammatory ocular diseases, and retinal ischemia.
Superficial siderosis may develop associated with repeated hemorrhage from an MPE.
Beta-globin mutations are associated with parenchymal siderosis and fibrosis in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
In contrast, secondary causes bypass the governing mechanism in the gastrointestinal tract, for example transfusional siderosis.
Kupffer cell siderosis (secondary iron overload) is evident on frozen section slides and corresponds to increased erythrocyte breakdown such as blood transfusion.
It is important that all intraocular metallic foreign bodies are removed as they place the eye at high risk of developing the devastating condition of ocular siderosis (chalcosis if copper is the foreign body) in later years.
Generalized siderosis with fibrosis of liver and pancreas in Cooley's (Mediterranean) anemia with observations on the pathogenesis of the siderosis and fibrosis.
HG3142 HG3181 Sex Male Male Age at molecular 24 41 diagnosis, years Hepatopathy No Liver siderosis and fibrosis (liver biopsy) Hypogonadotropic No No hypogonadism Cardiomyopathy No No Other clinical Chronic fatigue, No signs joint pain Serum iron, 17.