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A saddle designed so that the rider sits with both legs on one side of the horse.
On a sidesaddle.


(ˈsaɪdˌsæd l)

1. a saddle for women on which the rider sits, facing forward, usu. with both feet on the left side of the horse.
2. seated on a sidesaddle.


A saddle especially designed for woman so that they could ride a horse while keeping both legs on the same side of the horse. Such saddles were widely used in the early twentieth century. They were reported to not be nearly as comfortable as regular saddles, but it was not usually considered decorous for a woman to ride a regular saddle.
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Noun1.Sidesaddle - a saddle for a womansidesaddle - a saddle for a woman; rider sits with both feet on the same side of the horse
saddle - a seat for the rider of a horse or camel
Adv.1.sidesaddle - on or as if on a sidesaddle; "she rode sidesaddle"


side-saddle [ˈsaɪdsædəl] adv
to ride sidesaddle → monter en amazoneside salad nsalade f (pour accompagner un plat)sideshow side-show [ˈsaɪdʃəʊ] n
(at fair)attraction f
(= minor event, situation) to be a sideshow to sth → être relégué(e) au second plan derrière qch
In the end, the meeting was a sideshow to a political storm that broke Thursday → Au bout du compte, la réunion fut reléguée au second plan derrière la tempête politique qui éclata jeudi.side-splitting [ˈsaɪdsplɪtɪŋ] adj (= hilarious) → tordant


[ˈsaɪdˌsædl] adv to ride sidesaddlecavalcare all'amazzone
References in classic literature ?
Why, you see, Jo is crazy about horses and so am I, but we've only got an old sidesaddle and no horse.
It's an outrage both to horse and woman to ride in a sidesaddle.
She was known to ride sidesaddle while dressed in black velvet and wearing a feather-plumed hat.
THE first sidesaddle race to be staged on a British racecourse was won in clear-cut style at Wincanton yesterday by Lough Inch, partnered by Leicestershire-based point-to-point rider Lizzie Harris, writes Andrew King.
I'm 65, I've lived a vivid life, taken risks with my reputation and lost all desire to ride sidesaddle into the sunset with my dignity intact.
This year, with the theme "Riding Aside" referencing women riding sidesaddle, more than 100 riders in formal hunting attire will participate in the traditional hunt, while nearly 300 spectators will be on site.
This season, however, there have been greater sightings of Shergar trotting down Northumberland Street with Greta Garbo riding sidesaddle as there have been of Gutierrez in first-team strip.
A fifth, smaller person, may also sit sidesaddle on the gas tank in front of the driver.
In her early days, Andrea starred in several school plays and appeared at the People's Theatre, in Newcastle, in the play Riding England Sidesaddle.
The first bicycles for ladies had sidesaddle peddles, a contraption that did not catch on.
But many cyclists ride without lights, helmets, or reflective clothing, while children often ride sidesaddle on the back of their fathers' bikes on their way home from school.
Much maligned this season but his boss has kept faith in the American and he was riding sidesaddle with Davis in the heart of things.