A rotary motion that spins a ball horizontally.


(General Sporting Terms) horizontal spin put on a ball



a spinning motion imparted to a ball that causes it to rotate in course about its vertical axis.
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This technology helps optimise the CG and is designed to provide more consistent sidespin for accurate drives.
Additionally, the Speed Frame Face on the RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver features a tighter bulge radius than the RAZR Fit Driver for a more preferred look at address, along with more consistent sidespin and dispersion.
Cause: More weight in the center corrects sidespin.
SURPRISE "A lot of these holes are crosswind too which makes it even harder because the slightest bit of sidespin on the ball just takes it away and there is a lot of rubbish off the fairway - long grass, shrubs and bushes.
In reality, this will likely result in more backspin (ballooning the ball up into the air) or sidespin (resulting in bigger hooks and slices).
Moreover, she was also able to confuse Seok with her sidespin and topspin.
Woods only hit four fairways out of 14 and is finding his new swing, built to take pressure off the knee, does not put as much sidespin on the ball as the one which won his 14 Majors in his prime.
The dimples along the ball's x-axis are smaller and deeper, to reduce sidespin.
High rev rates, in the form of sidespin, generate sideways friction forces on the ball.
If they are aiming to the left then this may cause the club to move from out to in and increase the sidespin on the ball.
He is also a frequent contributor to Golf Magazine and has his own column in the back of the magazine called Sidespin.
His pen-grip style and his fast swinging sidespin service caused problems to both his opponents.