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1. Convulsively hearty; uproarious. Used of laughter.
2. Causing convulsive laughter; extremely funny: a sidesplitting comedy.

side′split′ter n.
side′split′ting·ly adv.


in a side-splitting manner
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Adv.1.sidesplittingly - in a very humorous manner
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After that, impish host Rick Edwards took over her Twitter account and posted sidesplittingly risque tweets about Brad's genitals and Simon Cowell's shapely man breasts.
Visual gags, so beloved of the television series, were limited but those that were done were often sidesplittingly funny.
And the team have clearly been saving the best til last for this sidesplittingly funny episode.
There was "1-0 to the Arsenal", then "2-0 to the Arsenal", sidesplittingly "3-0 to the Arsenal" and then, just to underline their creativity, "4-0 to the Arsenal".
In this sidesplittingly funny and heartwarming sequel to the hit 2006 animated feature, George sets out on a coast-to-coast journey to reunite Kayla, a homesick elephant, with her family.
A COMEDY recounting the race for home computer supremacy during the 1980s might not sound like a hoot, but be rest assured that it is sidesplittingly funny.
John Landis's sidesplittingly funny comedy, also starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Ralph Bellamy, Don Ameche, Denholm Elliott and James Belushi.
At once both sidesplittingly funny and bitterly insightful into the paradox of human greed that keeps America stymied in failure, Mission Accomplished is highly recommended.
Have I Got News For You was a groundbreaking idea way back in the last century and is now weary, over-scripted and chaired by personalities as sidesplittingly funny as Neil Kinnock.