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 (sīd′wāz′) also side·way (-wā′)
adv. & adj.
1. Toward one side: took a step sideways; a sideways glance.
2. From one side: a painting lit sideways; sideways pressure.
3. With the side forward: turned sideways to show the profile; a sideways view.



also side•wise

adj., adv.
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Adv.1.sideway - with one side forward or to the front; "turned sideways to show the profile"; "crabs seeming to walk sidewise"
2.sideway - from the side; obliquely; "a picture lit sideways"; "scenes viewed sidewise"
3.sideway - toward one side; "the car slipped sideways into the ditch"; "leaning sideways"; "a figure moving sidewise in the shadows"
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Now, from this peculiar sideway position of the whale's eyes, it is plain that he can never see an object which is exactly ahead, no more than he can one exactly astern.
That's my place," said Frome, with a sideway jerk of his lame elbow; and in the distress and oppression of the scene I did not know what to answer.
The individual medley is like running 1500m - the first lap forwards, the next backwards, the third sideway and the last over hurdles.
So it's very hard to take them on a sideway," says Haidar, speaking about the process of designing Zabad's special iftar menu.
Off the18th tee he hit the tee shot into a bunker and his lie was so poor that he had come out sideway.
a postural sway assessment tool for measuring postural disturbances mainly in forward and sideway reaching activity; graph sheets with millimetre markings; a ballpoint pen to record the spontaneous movements of the body at waist level; and a table on which graphs were plotted.
Acklam had about 70% of possession in these game but due to a lack of game knowledge were running sideway and not forward but this is an easy problem to rectify.
To withstand sideway impact, the vehicles were also made with increased strengths of joint areas between roofs, bodies and bottoms, it said.
Among other control variables, we found that prior multinationality had a sideway S-curve relationship with a firm's internationalization.
Keeping your body centered and not overreaching is essential to maintaining balance and avoiding sideway falls off either type of ladder.
Once the 816,00 trading range is broken out, the falling trend will be expanded, although the index will witness a sideway trend accompanied with gentle swings.
The change in sideway fluidity of membrane molecules has become one of the symbols of cell transformation.