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v. sift·ed, sift·ing, sifts
1. To put (flour, for example) through a sieve in order to separate the fine from the coarse particles.
2. To distinguish as if separating with a sieve: sifted the candidates for the job.
3. To apply by scattering through a sieve: sift sugar on a dessert.
4. To examine and sort carefully: sift the evidence.
1. To make use of a sieve.
2. To pass through a sieve: a meal that sifts easily.
3. To make a careful examination: sifted through back issues of the magazine.

[Middle English siften, from Old English siftan.]

sift′er n.
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Noun1.sifter - a household sieve (as for flour)sifter - a household sieve (as for flour)  
sieve, screen - a strainer for separating lumps from powdered material or grading particles


nSieb nt
References in classic literature ?
So Judge Sifter turned around slowly several times and then said:
These things were crowded with utensils of all sorts: frying pans, sauce pans, kettles, forks, knives, basting and soup spoons, nutmeg graters, sifters, colanders, meat saws, flat irons, rolling pins and many other things of a like nature.
Vholes, preceded by the legend Ground-Floor, is inscribed upon a door-post in Symond's Inn, Chancery Lane--a little, pale, wall-eyed, woebegone inn like a large dust-binn of two compartments and a sifter.
The Vibrasonic[R] Deblinding System: This innovative ultrasonic sifter is designed to eliminate blinding and blocking of mesh to provide consistent flow rates.
Horizontal Sifters feature a shaker type, to and fro sifting while trigger action sifters were used via a squeeze handle.
The simple flip-top action of the included sifter helps prevent contents from spilling or collecting in the cap.
Effect of borate treatment coupled with air seasoning or kiln drying sifter treatment on flexural properties and glue-line shear (compressive stress at maximum load) of Douglas fir glued laminated beams (a) MOR (MPa) Treatment Mean (SD) Range Control 46.
Sifter Parts & Service offers the CS-1 gyratory sifter, a stacked-deck model that allows screen replacement using standard hand tools.
Upon investigation, authorities recovered the body of a nude white male victim from the coal sifter hopper.
Bettcher Industries also announced that manufacture of the sifter and breading table products will move to the company's recently expanded headquarters facility in Northeast Ohio, effective immediately.
However, new buyers continue to be attracted to her work because it captures elements of modernism and Art Deco in even the simplest items, whether in a teacup, a sugar sifter or a dinner plate.
The offset of the inlet flanges on the two types of sifter varied to a significant degree and, for this reason, custom sections of tubing for the screw feeders were designed to adapt the position of the feeders in relation to the sifters.