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 (sĭj′əl, sĭg′ĭl)
1. A seal; a signet.
2. A sign or an image considered magical.

[Latin sigillum, diminutive of signum, sign; see sekw- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Heraldry) a seal or signet
2. (Alternative Belief Systems) a sign or image supposedly having magical power
[C17: from Latin sigillum a little sign, from signum a sign]
sigillary adj


(ˈsɪdʒ ɪl)

a seal or signet.
[1600–10; < Latin sigillum statuette, figure, stamped figure, diminutive of signum sign; see seal1]


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A symbol representing a spirit.
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Exclusive, glossy, black-powder-coated, laser-cut side armor features dragon elements of the Targaryen Sigil and is inscribed with the Targaryen House motto, "Fire & Blood", all highlighted with a rich, red mirrored backing.
Since its inception in August 2014, Pantheon has continued its growth both organically and though the acquisition of three key vendor-independent high technology equipment service providers: MVS in Poland, Spintech in Turkey, and Sigil in France.
Embellished with bright stars, action photos of happy kids, and sigil cartoon figures of Word Wizards In Training representing a rainbow of races and robes, this jolly book takes level K readers on an exciting discovery voyage to explore words which are synonyms and antonyms.
After a moment of silence and reflection, a 21-gun salute thundered out bringing the smell of gunpowder to the windless field, as a banner bearing the old king's white boar sigil hung limply from its flagstaff.
After a moment of silence and reection, a 21-gun salute thundered out bringing the smell of gunpowder to the windless eld, as a banner bearing the king's white boar sigil hung from its agsta.
Local musician Greg McKillop, who sometimes performs with the band Speaker For the Dead, isn't one to sit still, so it probably shouldn't have been surprising when a new EP, "Songs & Sigil to Stop Suffering,'' popped up on Bandcamp.
Beyond strategic congruencies, Lissitzky and Nanney share a commitment to self-determination: the former with his likening of the artist's brushwork to a "symbol of a new world" and the latter as a practitioner of sigil craft's self-actualizing intentionality.
The dire wolf is the sigil of the Starks and each of the Stark children were given a dire wolf in the first season of "Game of Thrones.
Sigil Creative, Matthew John Jensen, 26 Inglewood Pl, Bellingham, WA 98229
His proud association with the Kennedy family sigil ironically created his chief limitation as an actor in the century's great events.