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Noun1.sign painter - someone who paints signs and billboards etc.sign painter - someone who paints signs and billboards etc.
painter - a worker who is employed to cover objects with paint
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They seemed to him two respectable working men of a superior sort - sign painters or house decorators.
Halle was the company's purchasing agent, accountant, salesman, service technician, cleaning crew and sign painter.
The Arizona Star reports that a 1962 article from the Fort Scott (Kansas) Tribune described how Tsukii, then 24 and a Wichita State student, was putting himself through college working as a TV repairman, electronics technician, sign painter, judo instructor, photographer, folk singer, guitar player and Samurai swordsman.
Sent to a reformatory, he learned a trade and after a stint as a sign painter, rodeo clown, peyote-church worshipper, tribal cop, and sheep herder; all described in nuances that suggest an indigenous Garrison Keillor, he finally settled down into what he decided was his true mission in life, namely, "Being an Indian".
But the work of a sign painter, like many elements of the vintage trend, is about more than aesthetics.
Occupying the entire visual field of the entrance, Bochner's vast painting Blab, Blab, Blab, 2011, consists of clotted and smeared multicolored letters rendered in the standardized font of a sign painter, spelling out the titular phrase forty times over in oil paint on a support of ten black velvet panels.
A BLIND MSP has told how he was offered jobs as a night watchman and a sign painter.
After an awkward silence, the ever-gracious Mary broke the ice: "What if the cover was a billboard advertisement with Bud as a sign painter, painting a portrait of a pretty woman's face-a likeness and tribute to Irene?
After the war, Hank was a sign painter in Bridgeport, CT, then was a painter for Sorenson & Co.
Industrial Church of the New World Comforter: The church was founded in 1973 by a Californian sign painter who claimed he was contacted telepathically by a UFO.
Bilder (The Is-Not-Embarrassing Paintings, 1984); the Lieber Maler, male mir (Dear Painter, Paint for Me, 1981) series in which Kippenberger commissioned a commercial sign painter to render images in a slick, realistic style; dozens of drawings made on the hotel stationery Kippenberger collected during his frequent, extensive travels; the renowned self-portraits depicting the artist in hiked-up underwear resembling those worn by Picasso in a studio photograph; the late series Das Floss der Medusa (The Raft of the Medusa, 1996), which riffs on the well-known 1819 Gericault painting; and the sprawling, hyper-detailed installation The Happy End of Franz Kafka's "Amerika" (1994).
In return, sign painter Lee painted the outside of Nick's studio in Builder Street, Llandudno.