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Adj.1.sign-language - used of the language of the deaf
communicatory, communicative - able or tending to communicate; "was a communicative person and quickly told all she knew"- W.M.Thackeray
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He was the author of a dozen text-books on the art of speaking correctly, and also of a most ingenious sign-language which he called "Visible Speech.
But the longer Bell toiled at his musical telegraph, the more he dreamed of replacing the telegraph and its cumbrous sign-language by a new machine that would carry, not dots and dashes, but the human voice.
It was as different from the telegraph as the eloquence of a great orator is from the sign-language of a deaf-mute.
I pulled up three or four of the bottom boards, got a couple of buckets from a locker, and by unmistakable sign-language invited them to fall to.
When the latter had explained in the strange sign-language that passes for speech between the Mahars and their fighting men the Sagoth turned again to me:
More than 50 hearing people were trained as communication facilitators or sign-language interpreters.
HfH University of Applied Sciences of Special Needs Education, Sign-Language Interpreting, Zurich
Under section 22 of RA 7277, television stations are encouraged only to incorporate either subtitles or sign-language interpreters.
Sociolinguistic experts analyze sign-language discourse in varying social contexts in this 17th volume of a series studying communication in deaf and hard of hearing communities.
When I picked up this book, the first thing that I did was to try and follow the sign-language pictures.
Isenberg said that by meeting McManus, he was encouraged to take a sign-language class.
Andrew, from Barnsley, is using an electronic glove and video data-capture to transfer sign-language hand movements to computer screen.