signal detection

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Noun1.signal detection - the detection that a signal is being received
reception - quality or fidelity of a received broadcast
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The acquisition of MedAvante and ProPhase positions WCG in the growing central nervous system and behavioural health assessment markets through the delivery of clinical services and technology solutions that improve signal detection.
analyzed the signal detection method using Wigner-Ville distribution-Radon transform [14].
The unit offers auto signal detection and provides standard support for 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, and ASI input and output.
Detailed mathematical equations demonstrate parametric signal detection theory, power spectrum estimation, nonrandom parameter estimation, partially observable Markov decision processes, Bayesian nonparametric classification, and wideband spectrum sensing.
The SEM features enhanced electron optics and signal detection systems, affording excellent imaging and analytical performance.
Tektronix also announced improved real-time performance and signal detection features for its RSA5000 and SPECMON Series of RTSAs.
UWB-IR signal detection technique requires a very strong signal denoising technique because of the environmental interferences and noises.
NYSE: VSH) introduced the industry's first remote control code learning IC to integrate signal detection and processing into one component.
T4 series products, incorporating over a year's worth of data acquisition capacity, recording key locate parameters including mode used, Genny signal detection, control settings and warning statuses, to enable managers to rapidly verify correct usage and identify training needs.
The new machine is not a gambling device but is being used to develop automatic signal detection methods for future Navy radar.
In [3], under assumption of uniformly distributed phase error, the error probability has been determined in the case of digital binary and quaternary phase shift keying (BPSK and QPSK) signal detection in the presence of Gaussian noise, Nakagami-m fading and imperfect reference signal carrier extraction.