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Noun1.signal level - the amplitude level of the desired signal
amplitude - greatness of magnitude
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Signal Levels - The intent of this RFQ is to acquire an installed BDA System providing a 95 dB signal level at a minimum, throughout the facilities, including all stairwells, basements, connecting tunnels, and elevators.
Propagation impairment regarding satellite communication links, especially in the Ku band and signal level fluctuation caused by attenuation due to rain and tropospheric scintillation, must be is carefully considered to ensure accurate link budgeting.
The direction of the change in received signal level is determined by the phase relationship between the version of the transmitted signal reflected from the ionosphere (the 'sky wave') and the version of the signal received directly from the transmitter (the 'ground wave').
That means we are handling a much lower signal level in high-speed optics.
To support both high speed and robust data transfer, the devices utilize advanced Rambus-specific features such as Differential Rambus Signal Level (DRSL) interface, which minimizes the signal swing and noise, and Octal Data Rate (ODR) which transfers 8 bits per clock cycle to achieve 3.
In this particular case, one of eight sensors, displayed by the red LED, has detected a fault, because the signal level exceeds a pre-set threshold.
This allows a fairly constant signal level with a minimum of distortion.
3 event at 07:10, though closer inspection shows the telltale signs of a fast initial change in signal level as ionisation levels in the 'D' Layer of the Earth's atmosphere quickly rise, followed by a much slower return to normal signal levels.
The TRA issued its third quarter report on the measurement of signal level transmitted from telecommunications antennas.
A typical signal level required for adequate coverage is around -80 dBm or stronger, which includes margin for typical interference and signal fading.
An on-board bias voltage generator caters to the multiple signal level requirements.