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a. An indicator, such as a gesture or colored light, that serves as a means of communication. See Synonyms at gesture.
b. A message communicated by such means.
2. Something that incites action: The peace treaty was the signal for celebration.
3. Biology A physical entity, such as a chemical or an electromagnetic wave, that activates a cell receptor and elicits a specific response.
a. Electronics An impulse or fluctuating quantity, as of electrical voltage or light intensity, whose variations represent coded information.
b. Computers A sequence of digital values whose variations represent coded information.
5. The sound, image, or message transmitted or received by means of telecommunications.
Notably out of the ordinary: a signal feat; a signal event.
v. sig·naled, sig·nal·ing, sig·nals or sig·nalled or sig·nal·ling
1. To make a signal to: I signaled the driver to proceed.
2. To relate or make known by signals: They have signaled their willingness to negotiate.
3. To cause an effect in (a cell) by the activation of a receptor, as by a neurotransmitter or hormone.
To make a signal or signals.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin signāle, from neuter of Late Latin signālis, of a sign, from Latin signum, sign; see sign.]

sig′nal·er, sig′nal·ler n.
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Noun1.signaller - someone who communicates by signalssignaller - someone who communicates by signals
communicator - a person who communicates with others
signalman - a railroad employee in charge of signals and point in a railroad yard
bell ringer, ringer, toller - a person who rings church bells (as for summoning the congregation)
whistler - someone who makes a loud high sound


, (US) signaler
n (Mil) → Fernmelder(in) m(f), → Funker(in) m(f)
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Signaller Wayne Bland, from the 16 Signal Regiment, died on August 11.
Yesterday a spokeswoman for Network Rail said: "The signaller did not receive a phone call at that time and we are in the process of getting the documents together.
A jobs dispute involving railway signallers is set to spread after a union announced hundreds more workers are to be balloted.
Geraint was subjected to a vile torrent of sexual demands by the captain who had caught the young signaller on the base after "lights out" last summer.
DOOMED RAF Dakota NOT FORGOTTEN From left, signaller Tom O'Toole, Service Corps driver Roy Wilson, navigator Geoff Carpenter, driver Oliver Goldsmith and Cpl Phil Bryant HONOURED RAF ceremony yesterday SCENE Crash site in jungle
Signaller Craig Billins said: "S-J was one of my most devoted friends.
At his side on the Galpharm pitch was Signaller Myzak, a former Colne Valley High School pupil who joined the Army three years ago.
FATHER-of-one Signaller Ian Sartorius-Jones was last night named as the latest British victim from the Afghan front line.
He returned to the war-torn country on a second tour as a signaller with Yankee Commando, 45 Yankee company.
Signaller Gurdev Singh Punglia and 230 colleagues from the 16th Signal Regiment have returned, mourning the loss of one of their comrades killed right at the end of their six-month tour of duty.
The 26-year-old Signaller collapsed on an 18-mile trek over the Beacons' harsh terrain.
Two Royal Marine commandos from 539 Assault Squadron, based in Plymouth, and an Army signaller were also killed.