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Noun1.significant digit - any digit of a number that is known with certainty; any digit of a number beginning with the leftmost non-zero digit and ending with the rightmost non-zero digit (or a zero considered to be the exact value); "he calculated the answer to four significant figures"
digit, figure - one of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration; "0 and 1 are digits"
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Benford's law states that the frequency of first significant digit in certain samples decreases as those digits increase (Drechsler & Geyer, 2014).
This eliminated the error of the secondary instrument from the measurement channel, but led to the problem of a large value of the least significant digit.
For this, analyses were carried out regarding the NB Law pattern in first significant digit distribution in 210,899 contracts issued by 60 management units in two states in the Brazilian Northeast in 2010.
Usually, digit expansions are written from the most significant digit (on the left-hand side) to the least significant digit (on the right-hand side).
When the ternary optical computer performs the floating-point division, the MSD significant digit F of the quotient in binary (computational accuracy) is determined by the user's demand.
Clinically, we report hs-cTnI results in whole numbers while keeping an extra significant digit for QC monitoring (4 ).
LSD - least significant digit, that processes the elements starting from the least significant digit and moves towards the most significant one;
Lijing Shao, Bo-Qiang Ma (2010) "The Significant Digit Law in Statistical Physics", http://arxiv.
New elements often differ in the third significant digit, despite often being given to eight.
num] (T) that unwraps the elements of tensor T, then converts the resulting string to an integer by treating it as a number in base c, with the first element being the most significant digit, and the last being the least significant.
While we have a 7th significant digit precision to the desired energy, the correspondent bond length disagrees 19.

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