significant digits

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significant digits

The digits of the decimal form of a number beginning with the leftmost nonzero digit and extending to the right to include all digits warranted by the accuracy of measuring devices used to obtain the numbers. Also called significant figures.

signif′icant dig′its
all the nonzero digits of a number and the zeros that are included between them or that are final zeros and signify accuracy: The significant digits of 0.01230 are 1, 2, 3, and the final 0. Also called signif′icant fig′ures.

sig·nif·i·cant digits

The digits in a decimal number that are warranted by the accuracy of the means of measurement. Significant digits are all the numbers beginning with the leftmost nonzero digit, or beginning with the first digit after the decimal point if there are no nonzero digits to the left of the decimal point, and extending to the right. For example, 302, 3.20, and 0.023 all have three significant digits.
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We report numbers with too many significant digits (often by converting from English to metric units) and without error margins, mostly because we either have only one rep or we don't want to draw attention to imperfections in the data.
Rounding errors may occur - grades to 2 significant digits in this table.
Clinical reasoning is replaced by following a practice "guideline" from one prescribed information bit to another, and a diagnosis means a number with five significant digits (never mind that the first one is dubious) attached to an appropriate procedure code.
The west, too, had equally dedicated zealots; Rheticus, who was mentored by Copernicus, along with a team of four others, in a labor of twelve years, generated 388,800 entries of tables for the six standard trigonometric functions to fifteen significant digits in the last seven hundred pages of his Opus Palatinum.
There are strategies for using security vendor provided virtualization and optimizing high availability that can yield significant digits worth of capital, operational and power savings.
Though there are already other studies reporting higher precision values, up to 12 significant digits [17], for example, we will not employ them here for we do not need such precision as our method gives numbers up to the 6th significant digit.
For example, at the undergraduate level, stressing such concepts as numbers of significant digits and inclusion of units with every measurement irritated many of us.
Koziol [32] tabulated quantiles x, to eight significant digits, such that F(x) = p, [mu] = t, [lambda] = [t.
The device records up to six significant digits, and the Palm HotSync key instantly transfers data from the handheld device to a desktop PC.
The number in the formula that specifies the pattern for each mirror's curvature has nine significant digits, Westphal says, and this raises the possibility that the mistake resulted from something as small as a typographical error.
The tonnes and grades are stated to a certain number of significant digits reflecting the confidence of the estimate.
The ImagiCalc application is a complete general-purpose calculator with up to 14 significant digits of precision.

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