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Plural of silenus.
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They rank neither with mortals nor with immortals: long indeed do they live, eating heavenly food and treading the lovely dance among the immortals, and with them the Sileni and the sharp-eyed Slayer of Argus mate in the depths of pleasant caves; but at their birth pines or high-topped oaks spring up with them upon the fruitful earth, beautiful, flourishing trees, towering high upon the lofty mountains (and men call them holy places of the immortals, and never mortal lops them with the axe); but when the fate of death is near at hand, first those lovely trees wither where they stand, and the bark shrivels away about them, and the twigs fall down, and at last the life of the Nymph and of the tree leave the light of the sun together.
Some Sileni of the throng sat on benches and hay-trusses by the wall; and one of them recognized her.
com)-- 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok invites all wine lovers to experience the award winning and new releases of the exceptional vintage wine selections from Sileni Estate Vineyard, located in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand's oldest wine region, together with a delicious tapas menu and a very special guest from Sileni Estate.
Dall'arrivo di Carlo V (per la valenza, significativa non solo sotto l'aspetto strettamente storico, di questo evento, Megale, 2001 e Corsi, 2005), proveniente da Tunisi, alle attivita delle Accademie degli Oziosi e dei Sileni - la prima fu fondata nel 1611 da Giovanni Battista Manso e fu sciolta nel 1645, mentre la seconda, attiva tra il 1612 e il 1617, ebbe per qualche tempo tra i suoi adepti anche Gianbattista Marino (la prima, le cui Regole (I-Nn, sezione Brancacciana, V D 14 [miscellanea manoscritti], ff.
Confirmed individual exhibitors include Angus Dundee Distillers, Boutinot, Cognac Guy Lheraud, Hammeken Cellars, Jackson Family Wines, Sileni Estates and Villa Domizia Quattroerre Company.
Teodosia was born in the Dominican Republic, daughter of the late Maria Nunez and Alejandro Theown Thomas is survived by seven children, Nurys Marrero, Francisco Nunez, Nibelka Guerrero and Sandra Nunez all of Worcester, Martina Nunez of West Palm Beach, FL, Sileni Nunez of Italy and Magdelena Perez of the Dominican Republic; a sister, Mercedes Theown; 17 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.
Socrates, [Alcibiades] tells us, is like one of those toy Sileni made by craftsmen.
The theme of uncomely appearance falls into the paradigm of deceptive exterior versus valuable interior already set by Rabelais in the incipit of his prologue to Gargantua with the ugly Socrates "dissimulant son divin scavoir" ("dissembling his divine learning") and the unusual Sileni, those frivolously decorated boxes that contain precious drugs and gems (3; Frame 3).
Thomas More: Utopia, with Erasmus's The Sileni of Alcibiades.
Or qua se vedrete talvolta certi men gravi propositi, che par che debbano temere di farsi innante alla superciliosa censura di Catone, non dubitate: perche questi Catoni saranno molto ciechi e pazzi, se non sapran scuoprir quel ch'e ascosto sotto questi Sileni.
In Thomas More, Utopia, with Erasmus's The Sileni of Alcibiades, ed.
CLASS ACTS Sileni Unoaked Chardonnay 2004 Hawke's Bay New Zealand.