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Containing, resembling, relating to, or consisting of silica.

[From Latin siliceus, of flint, from silex, silic-, flint.]


(sɪˈlɪʃəs) or


1. (Geological Science) of, relating to, or containing abundant silica: siliceous deposits; a siliceous clay.
2. (Botany) (of plants) growing in or needing soil rich in silica


or si•li•cious

(səˈlɪʃ əs)

containing, consisting of, or resembling silica.
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Adj.1.siliceous - relating to or containing or resembling silica; "gritrock is siliceous sandstone"


[sɪˈlɪʃəs] ADJsilíceo


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The swede-field in which she and her companion were set hacking was a stretch of a hundred odd acres, in one patch, on the highest ground of the farm, rising above stony lanchets or lynchets--the outcrop of siliceous veins in the chalk formation, composed of myriads of loose white flints in bulbous, cusped, and phallic shapes.
What the exact system might be, if there was any, beyond the placing of them for a long period of years under the drip, I never discovered, but there they sat, iced over and preserved for ever by the siliceous fluid.
Professor Ehrenberg [3] finds that this dust consists in great part of infusoria with siliceous shields, and of the siliceous tissue of plants.
In the new study, published online in the Journal of Archaeological Science, scientists analyzed siliceous scoria droplets -- porous granules associated with melting -- from four sites in Northern Syria dating back 10,000 to 13,000 years ago.
Contract for the supply, put in work, siliceous aggregate par wings modernization works of irrigation dependent Canal Bajo del PEiramo (LeEn) Irrigation Area.
1891 million tons, of which, magnesia bricks, magnesium carbon & alumina magnesia carbon, and siliceous brick dropped sharply, down 15.
Their topics include hybrid catalysts for olefin metathesis and related polymerizations, spillover phenomena in electrocatalysis for oxygen and hydrogen electrode reactions, catalytic applications of polyoxometalates encapsulated in inorganic materials, functionalized porous silicates as catalysts for water and air purification, and palladium catalysts deposited on functionally modified siliceous supports.
Several adjacent holes on the main magnetic anomaly did not penetrate a siliceous hardpan, and so the central part of the anomaly remains untested.
These scientists have identified three contemporaneous levels more than 12,000 years ago, on two continents yielding siliceous scoria-like objects (SLO's)," said H.
The subsidiaries are Iskenderun based Isdemir, long steel manufacturer whose production is now extended with flat steel by new hot mill investments, Erdemir Maden with reserves in Sivas and Malatya-Hasancelebi, the siliceous steel plant Erdemir Romanya in Romania, Erenco, which offers investment and engineering service for iron and steel investors, Erdemir Lojistik providing logistics service, Erdemir Celik Servis Merkezi, steel service center for cold product cutting and slitting in Gebze and Erdemir Gaz, established to meet the group's need of gas.
Created from dead sea mud, lavender, and siliceous earth, this scrub is rich in minerals which will nourish and feed the skin.
Banded agates are formed by the successive deposit in layers of siliceous material, while moss and dendritic agates consist of branching inclusions of mainly manganese inside chalcedony, dendritic agates being like the pendant pictured that resemble ferns or trees.