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A sedimentary material consisting of very fine particles intermediate in size between sand and clay.
v. silt·ed, silt·ing, silts
To become filled with silt: an old channel that silted up.
To fill, cover, or obstruct with silt: River sediments gradually silted the harbor.

[Middle English sylt, probably of Scandinavian origin; see sal- in Indo-European roots.]

silt·a′tion n.
silt′y adj.


[sɪltɪŋ] N (also silting up) → obstrucción f con sedimentos
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But none has been taken in hand for over five decades mainly due to political disagreement on KBD despite losing over 35% of existing storage capacity due to silting.
Rhos-on-Sea Cllr Phil edwards said: "The silting is an ongoing issue and requires clearing out the silt periodically.
Prospective flooding, silting and heavy maintenance costs are also mentioned to further damn the proposal without justification.
Anthropogenic pollution contributes to rapid silting of lakes, even though this process also occurs naturally (Baksiene, Ciunys 2007; Ciunys, Katkevicius 2008).
An iconic multi-million-pound bridge is causing boats to 'touch bottom' due to silting problems in a Welsh river.
Silting has allowed reeds to grow which would eventually choke the pond.
The reports are being launched by the Still Waters, Bassenthwaite Lake Restoration Programme, which aims to cut the amount of silt reaching Bassenthwaite by half to return silting to the levels of 60 years ago.
In the name of jobs, four-lane highway, Corridor H, is under plan to cut a 2,000-foot-wide swath for 109 miles from Elkins, West Virginia, to Strasburg, Virginia--gouging the rugge mountains, filling the narrow ravines, silting in the pristine river and valley
Karachi -- A man on Wednesday allegedly killed his wife by silting her neck with a sharp weapon in the Metroville area of Karachi.
Mr Andrews says he might have to rethink his business if the situation gets much worse: "The new pontoon area is silting up very fast soon I won't be able to sail from here on small tides, I may have to sell boat as there are now no other pick up point in Rhyl harbour," he said.
The next obvious reason is the silting up of our rivers.