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A sedimentary material consisting of very fine particles intermediate in size between sand and clay.
v. silt·ed, silt·ing, silts
To become filled with silt: an old channel that silted up.
To fill, cover, or obstruct with silt: River sediments gradually silted the harbor.

[Middle English sylt, probably of Scandinavian origin; see sal- in Indo-European roots.]

silt·a′tion n.
silt′y adj.
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Adj.1.silty - full of silt; "silty soil"
loose - not compact or dense in structure or arrangement; "loose gravel"


adjverschlammt, schlammig
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As well as being an important ongoing provider of jobs for Queenslanders, this project will help minimise potential environmental impacts by managing the fine, silty mud sediment found in the upper sections of the Coomera River that is not suitable for riverbank or beach replenishment.
Their topics include fuzzy rock mass rating: soft-computing-aided preliminary stability analysis of weak rock slopes, geophysical surveys in engineering geology investigations with field examples, determining the cyclic properties of silty sands, using groundwater flow modeling to investigate land subsistence in the Konya Closed Basin in Turkey, and integrating urban planning and natural hazards for a resilient city.
The customer's application was for silty and sandy water from borehole testing.
The undisturbed soil samples based on their gradation were classified as Silty Clay with Sand (SC-SM), Silty Sand with Gravel (SM) and poorly graded Silty Sand with Gravel (SP-SM).
It was very fast and silty and there were massive trees.
GM Silty Gravel SM Silty Sand GC Clayey Gravel SC Clayey Sand
The silty clay ratio (volume ratio) of the river sand, iron powder, gypsum, and lime is 8: 19 : 1: 2.
strewn on the silty bottom: wavering shapes, soft with life along
It varies in lithology from weathered and cracked basement rocks to the Alluvial deposits with a significant heterogeneous nature which varies from clayey silty sandy pebbly and boulders layers.
The region of Mostaganem is in the northern part of the country, is situated on thick geological deposits of silty sand, and has a relatively shallow phreatic water table.
With length ranging from 23 cm to 50 cm, this type of grouper thrives in shallow waters with silty reefs in the provinces of Palawan, Marinduque and Surigao.