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adj. & n.
Variant of sylvan.


a variant spelling of sylvan


or sil•van

(ˈsɪl vən)

1. of, pertaining to, or inhabiting the woods.
2. consisting of or abounding in woods or trees; wooded; woody.
3. made of trees, branches, boughs, etc.
[1555–65; < Latin sylvānus, sp. variant of silvānus=silv(a) forest + -ānus -an1]
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Noun1.silvan - a spirit that lives in or frequents the woodssilvan - a spirit that lives in or frequents the woods
disembodied spirit, spirit - any incorporeal supernatural being that can become visible (or audible) to human beings
Adj.1.silvan - relating to or characteristic of wooded regions; "a shady sylvan glade"
wooded - covered with growing trees and bushes etc; "wooded land"; "a heavily wooded tract"
References in classic literature ?
Hundreds of broad-headed, short-stemmed, wide-branched oaks, which had witnessed perhaps the stately march of the Roman soldiery, flung their gnarled arms over a thick carpet of the most delicious green sward; in some places they were intermingled with beeches, hollies, and copsewood of various descriptions, so closely as totally to intercept the level beams of the sinking sun; in others they receded from each other, forming those long sweeping vistas, in the intricacy of which the eye delights to lose itself, while imagination considers them as the paths to yet wilder scenes of silvan solitude.
So on he fares, and to the border comes Of EDEN, where delicious Paradise, Now nearer, Crowns with her enclosure green, As with a rural mound the champain head Of a steep wilderness, whose hairie sides With thicket overgrown, grottesque and wilde, Access deni'd; and over head up grew Insuperable highth of loftiest shade, Cedar, and Pine, and Firr, and branching Palm, A Silvan Scene, and as the ranks ascend Shade above shade, a woodie Theatre Of stateliest view.
Contractor address : Silvan House, 231 Corstorphine Road
Famous Swiss pianist Silvan Zingg has thrilled his Baku fans.
The Diyarbakir provincial governor's office statement said another security guard was also wounded at the same operation, which saw gendarmerie forces working with security guards against PKK elements in Diyarbakir's Silvan district, according to the agency.
4 (ANI-Businesswire India): Bangalore based Silvan Innovation Labs, the pioneers in developing Home Automation products, launch their IoT enabled innovative solutions suite for Homes and Enterprises.
Silvan Ridge Twilight 5K: The Silvan Ridge Twilight 5K, a benefit for the Jane Higdon Foundation, will be at 6 p.
TEAM Sky's Geraint Thomas remains six seconds off the Giro d'Italia lead after breakaway rider Silvan Dillier won stage six.
Mine workers, especially those who work long hours in irregular shifts, are likely to be tempted to use illegal drugs for 'endurance purposes,' said Christie Silvan, chief of plans and operations division of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency's regional office.
Turkish military sources announced Tuesday that a soldier was killed in a PKK rocket attack from the Silvan Dam in Diyarbakir province, Arabic news site 24.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A prosecutor is seeking life imprisonment for several co-mayors of Silvan, a district in the southeastern province of Diyarbakyr, over their declaration of self-governance in the predominantly Kurdish area.