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Homer Firth, the landscape man," he chanted, "wants permission to use blue flint on the new road, with turf gutters, and to plant silver firs each side.
Pacific silver fir, grand fir, Alaska yellow-cedar, and mountain hemlock may experience substantial climate-related losses.
Facade cladding wood - white pine untreated cladding designed in rectangular facade fields with different cross sections; new facade cladding silver fir for existing gymnasium.
Hypothesis: Atherosclerosis could be reduced by the intake of silver fir (Abies alba) extract (SFTE), rich in polyphenols.
You will need: | An oasis ring (we used a 12in one) | Four candle-holders | Four big candles | Two to three bunches of silver fir | A few holly and mistletoe sprigs | Four pine cones 1 Soak the oasis ring in water until bubbles stop appearing.
There were also fragments of wax writing tablets, made out of larch, maple, silver fir and sweet chestnut.
A weather-protected aboveground field test was established at Kincardine, Ontario, Canada, to assess the performance against termites of two formulations of carbon-based preservative in Pacific silver fir (Abies amabilis) and white spruce (Picea glauca).
The heritage trees of the state -- silver fir and spruce that have been indiscriminately felled over the past two decades -- will now be cultivated again with a new technique.
Its mixture of lime trees, yews, spruce, silver fir and beech teem with wildlife including otters, foxes, darting kingfishers, heron, foxes, badgers, sparrowhawks, buzzards and bats.
California benthamiana Pacific silver fir Abies amabiiis 222 Olympic * National Park, Washington * Denotes co-champion
The intense fire killed 44 percent of the stands that ranged from ponderosa, sugar pine and incense cedar at lower elevations to Pacific silver fir and mountain hemlock higher up, with Douglas fir scattered throughout.