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Noun1.silver lace - shrubby perennial of the Canary Islands having white flowers and leaves and hairy stems covered with dustlike down; sometimes placed in genus Chrysanthemum
composite plant, composite - considered the most highly evolved dicotyledonous plants, characterized by florets arranged in dense heads that resemble single flowers
genus Tanacetum, Tanacetum - a large genus of plants resembling chrysanthemums; comprises some plants often included in other genera especially genus Chrysanthemum
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Your majesty knows that the hundred Swiss have silver lace on each side of their ribbons?
Well, sire, it was I who proposed that imitation silver lace should be placed upon these ribbons, it could not be detected, and a hundred thousand crowns serve to feed a regiment during six months; and is the price of ten thousand good muskets or the value of a vessel of ten guns, ready for sea.
The lads with gold and silver lace are sons of rich gentlemen, and called Fellow Commoners; they are privileged to feed better than the pensioners, and to have wine with their victuals, which the latter can only get in their rooms.
From beneath the flap of an enormous pocket of a soiled vest of embossed silk, heavily ornamented with tarnished silver lace, projected an instrument, which, from being seen in such martial company, might have been easily mistaken for some mischievous and unknown implement of war.
Again John waited leisurely until the observation had thoroughly penetrated to his brain, and then replying, 'No offence as YET,' applied a light to his pipe and smoked in placid silence; now and then casting a sidelong look at a man wrapped in a loose riding- coat with huge cuffs ornamented with tarnished silver lace and large metal buttons, who sat apart from the regular frequenters of the house, and wearing a hat flapped over his face, which was still further shaded by the hand on which his forehead rested, looked unsociable enough.
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The 35-year-old shimmered in a strapless, silver lace cocktail dress at the LA premiere of her new movie The Boss, which also stars Melissa McCarthy.
He had abandoned his discreet colours in favour of doublet and breeches in Tyrian purple, paned and embroidered with silver, the high collar and turned-down ruff of silver lace sparkling with amethysts.
The last of those nightspots, the Silver Lace Club, permanently closed its doors last month, leading city officials to declare victory in a three-year battle in which they sought to aggressively challenge each establishment's liquor license.
It featured a sweetheart neckline and a fitted bodice of embellished embroidery, silver lace, crystals, and seed pearls.
The outfits were further highlighted with gold and silver lace, and generous sprinkle of swarovski elements.