silver mine

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Noun1.silver mine - a mine where silver ore is dugsilver mine - a mine where silver ore is dug  
mine - excavation in the earth from which ores and minerals are extracted
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WHILE the Owner of a Silver Mine was on his way to attend a convention of his species he was accosted by a Jackass, who said:
He thought a silver mine was waiting for him in Colorado.
While in that service he had discovered a silver mine in the mountains of Thessaly, but he had been careful to conceal it from every one.
Well, well, there is no hurry about the silver mine, just now; another time will do as well.
In a tract of land on which she laid her finger, there existed a silver mine, the locality of which was precisely pointed out in some memoranda of Colonel Pyncheon himself, but only to be made known when the family claim should be recognized by government.
At a short distance beyond the suburbs of Vanity we passed the ancient silver mine, of which Demas was the first discoverer, and which is now wrought to great advantage, supplying nearly all the coined currency of the world.
Then they let go and give Tom another smashing round, and he--well, he wouldn't 'a' sold out for a silver mine.
In some parts of this territory are to be found the best gold and silver mines in Europe.
They repeated to each other, while pillaging his hotel, that he was sent to Gigelli by the king to reconstruct his lost fortunes; that the treasures of Africa would be equally divided between the admiral and the king of France; that these treasures consisted in mines of diamonds, or other fabulous stones; the gold and silver mines of Mount Atlas did not even obtain the honor of being named.
In the interior are salt plains; silver mines and scanty veins of gold are said, likewise, to exist; and pearls of a beautiful water are to be fished upon the coast.
In this great district the wild rubber tree flourishes, and has become, as in the Congo, a curse to the natives which can only be compared to their forced labor under the Spaniards upon the old silver mines of Darien.
He, two others, and myself, started to the new silver mines in the Humboldt mountains--he to be Probate Judge of Humboldt county, and we to mine.