silver point

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sil′ver point`

the melting point of silver, equal to 960.8°C, used as a fixed point on the international temperature scale.
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Affiliates of investment funds managed by Silver Point Capital, L.
Hedge funds include GoldenTree Asset Management and Silver Point are understood to believe that the bank's new strategy includes cutting the number of products and refocusing on retail and small business customers.
The bank's other major investors, which include hedge funds such as Perry Capital, Beach Point Capital and Silver Point Capital, were not immediately available to comment.
But bondholders, including US hedge funds Aurelius Capital Management and Silver Point Capital, will take control of the bank under the new plan, which will see it listed on the stock market next year.
In a scheme first set out last month, the Co-op has bowed to the demands of a group of bondholders including US hedge funds Aurelius Capital and Silver Point Capital and agreed to a restructuring which will leave it with a 30 per cent stake.
But bondholders led by US hedge funds Aurelius Capital Management and Silver Point Capital - who own 43% of the higher-ranking bonds slated to be hit - have since ratcheted up the pressure on the bank, proposing an alternative plan of converting more debt into shares.
They include US hedge funds Silver Point and Aurelius, who were leading calls for a U-turn.
The group, led by hedge funds Aurelius Capital Management and Silver Point Capital, call themselves LT2 Group, because they own lower tier 2 bonds.
Previously, Arcapita had been in talks with Silver Point Capital for a $150 million loan but the banks' creditors rejected the terms of that deal.
The Silver Point prospect lies about 2 kilometres along strike from the Ruby silver mine and comprises a pipe-like body of aplite approximately 50 metres in diameter.
Already, Steamboat Road Associates, LLC the management group comprised of three generations of family members including Stuart, Steve, and Mark Berni, with Arielle and Jon Lampert, have renewed private investment firm Silver Point Capital, L.