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Adj.1.silvery-green - of something having a color that is a light shiny green
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Once lined with the gnarled trunks and silvery-green foliage of olive trees, the area has been stripped nearly bare.
The silvery-green fronds of a Japanese painted fern (Athyrium niponicum var.
Checkered Lily: Fun flower with nodding, bell-shaped blossoms on silvery-green foliage that is deer resistant.
Another great evergreen is the Acacia dealbata tree, which has fern-like silvery-green foliage that floats on the wind and bears fragrant, yellow, tuft-like flowers in the late winter and spring.
The flowers have now finished but it has very appealing foliage: silvery-green edged with fresh cream and now tinged with a fiery pink.
These numerous flowers are supported by fine, feathery, silvery-green foliage that in a dry, sunny position in the garden exaggerates itself.
They are a delicate silvery-green and are furry to the touch.
Knee-high chaparral spread out in the sun, lanky cactuses shoot up toward the sky and bushy sagebrush show off their silvery-green hue.