simple mindedness

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Noun1.simple mindedness - a lack of penetration or subtlety; "they took advantage of her simplicity"
naiveness, naivete, naivety - lack of sophistication or worldliness
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Hornsby, Simple Mindedness, Harvard University Press 2007).
In a country occupied by the most powerful state on earth, signs of submissiveness are sure to be seen - whether performed with unconscious simple mindedness and out of growing habit, or with grudging reluctance by people who find it a little offensive to bow low to foreigners in fighting gear who have the authority to shoot and kill you if your car didn't stop immaculately, as quickly as it should - for any possible reason.
Only another con is taking place, here, and it involves selling us the phony notion of the "innocence" of the camera as truth-giver, a kind of Forrest Gumpian myth of simple mindedness as a legitimate road to success or power--or, in this case, insight.

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