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adj. sim·pler, sim·plest
a. Having few parts or features; not complicated or elaborate: a house with a simple floor plan.
b. Easy to understand, do, or carry out: a simple set of instructions; a simple chore. See Synonyms at easy.
c. Having or composed of only one thing, element, or part: a simple chemical substance.
d. Being without additions or modifications; mere: a simple "yes" or "no."
e. Biology Having no divisions or branches; not compound: a simple leaf; a simple eye or lens.
f. Music Being without figuration or elaboration: a simple tone.
a. Having little or no ornamentation; not embellished or adorned: a simple dress. See Synonyms at plain.
b. Not characterized by luxury or elaborate commitments: simple living.
a. Not pretentious, guileful, or deceitful; humble or sincere: a simple child; told us about his achievement in the simplest manner.
b. Having or showing little intelligence, education, or experience: simple people who have trouble understanding health regulations. See Synonyms at naive.
c. Lowly in condition or rank: a simple woodcutter.
n. Archaic
A medicinal plant or the medicine obtained from it.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin simplus; see sem- in Indo-European roots and from simplex; see simplex.]

sim′ple·ness n.
References in classic literature ?
Don't you think, dear, that as these girls are used to such things, and the best we can do will be nothing new, that some simpler plan would be pleasanter to them, as a change if nothing more, and much better for us than buying or borrowing what we don't need, and attempting a style not in keeping with our circumstances?
He regretted the fate that had not let him live in a simpler and sweeter time when at the beckoning of some strange cloud in the sky men left their lands and houses and went forth into the wilderness to create new races.
Cutter could have got home a day earlier than his wife by any one of a dozen simpler devices; he could have left her in the Omaha hotel, and said he was going on to Chicago for a few days.
My explanation of the matter is a much simpler one.
The questionable sound of Silas's loom, so unlike the natural cheerful trotting of the winnowing-machine, or the simpler rhythm of the flail, had a half-fearful fascination for the Raveloe boys, who would often leave off their nutting or birds'-nesting to peep in at the window of the stone cottage, counterbalancing a certain awe at the mysterious action of the loom, by a pleasant sense of scornful superiority, drawn from the mockery of its alternating noises, along with the bent, tread-mill attitude of the weaver.
There will be no employment for anyone except in doing things that must be done on the spot, such as unpacking and distributing the imports, ministering to the proprietors as domestic servants, or by acting, preaching, paving, lighting, housebuilding, and the rest; and some of these, as the capitalist comes to regard ostentation as vulgar, and to enjoy a simpler life, will employ fewer and fewer people.
Nothing could have been simpler, but it was the arrival of a new idea in the business world.
Some private individual -- a Pentagon whose name is variously reported -- having casually discovered the constituents of the simpler colours and a rudimentary method of painting, is said to have begun decorating first his house, then his slaves, then his Father, his Sons, and Grandsons, lastly himself.
The fact that Barsoomian architecture is extremely ornate made the feat much simpler than I had anticipated, since I found ornamental ledges and projections which fairly formed a perfect ladder for me all the way to the eaves of the building.
For this reason I have chosen one of his simpler poems as a specimen.
So nothing could be simpler and more natural: meeting Hetty was a mere circumstance of his walk, not its object.
Suppose you have said to your friend "You are better to-day," and that you want him to understand that you are asking him a question, what can be simpler than just to make a "?