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The novel aligns itself comfortably with the long-established Japanese literary tradition of the "I-novel," in which the protagonist is a thinly disguised simulacrum of the author and the subject of the work the trials and tribulations currently afflicting the writer.
But any intelligent Irishman will say a simulacrum of Home Rule, with an express notice that it is never to come into operation.
Granted, it's a CGI simulacrum but it's still a pretty tall order.
The club announced that the bizarre simulacrum of the Thriller star is to be dug up and returned to Mohamed Al Fayed, who put it up when he owned the Premier League club.
Sultanik proposes a theory of contemporary cinema by drawing together two current bodies of knowledge: traditional cinema studies and Baudrillard's postmodern idea of the simulacrum.
Perfection is now the ultimate simulacrum, where what is being reproduced or simulated never actually existed and is being defined, virtually, by corporations and digital image-makers.
third-degree simulacrum corresponding to what Umberto Eco defined as an
The video's called Simulacrum and Hyperbole - a title that provides food for thought, if only you weren't distracted by Kylie's bum.
Titled Simulacrum & Hyperbole, the spoof commercial advertises body insurance and lasts 40 seconds.
The black and white video is called Simulacrum and Hyperbole.
If Italians are ultimately "a people of saints, poets, seafarers" then the arch-Italian Silvio is a worthy simulacrum of this people," they said.
The face of "doll yoko" represents simulacrum whereby a yellow circle symbolizes Asian origin.